12 Mile Co.

12 Mile Co exists to create work which will instruct, inspire and motivate.

12 Mile Co is named after the small family farm where David spent his childhood summers. Nestled in the upstate of South Carolina, this was a place of discovery and adventure with Grandfather and cousins. His Grandparents lived in a 100 year old house with no air conditioning, so windows were open at night to the sound of distant trains, the occasional car speeding down the Walhalla Hwy, and the ever present sound of crickets, tree frogs, and owls.


Who is David Pencedp-500px

Video production has taught me as much about the human condition as about good camera techniques and lighting. Throughout my career, the main skill constantly honed was that of people to people engagement / management / service.

I’ve worked in 47 of 50 states from farms to steel mills to corporate offices.

In addition to business leaders, I’ve interviewed politicians, religious leaders, an ambassador and every day workers of all sorts.

Production travels outside the U.S include England, Continental Europe and the former Warsaw Pact countries.  Documentary travel consists of work in the Turk and Caicos Islands, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Kenya, and Rwanda.  There have been many opportunities to practice my production and diplomatic skills…whether in getting a certain shot or interview, or dealing with locals that might not have your best interests at heart.



  • Kigali, Rwanda Childrens Hospital Promotion
  • Family Dollar / Boys & Girls Club w/ Dominique Dawes
  • Chairman of the Board of Coca-Cola Executive messages
  • Cross Country tour of Kubota Dealers to illustrate Best Business Practices
  • Promotions for Art Institutes of Chicago and Seattle
  • Fed Ex Employee HR videos.
  • Documentary in Papua New Guinea